Hi there.

This is tRakt or tRakt_shiny or whatever (naming stuff is hard).

It’s a tool to look up tv shows from trakt.tv and receive some more or less fancy data, including plots with reasonable amounts of fancyness.

How do you even stuff

  • Enter a show title in the search box below
  • Or select one from the cache and leave the search box empty
  • You can fiddle around with the plot with the inputs on the right
  • Or just look at the dataTables, idunno

Or even better

Try the new version at attrakttv.tadaa-data.de.

It's tremendously less terrible from the back-end side, and hopefully a lot better on the user experience side.

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tRakt version 0.6.5


This is tRakt-shiny (dummy name) version 0.6.5.

Using the trakt.tv API to graph show data and whatevs.
To run it, use shiny::runGitHub(username = "jemus42", repo = "tRakt-shiny").
Note that this only works with trakt.tv API credentials set. See tRakt for further information. Maybe you'd rather look at trakt.jemu.name to see it live™.


When you clone this repository, sourceing global.R should automatically install any missing dependency it finds.

What this should be soon:

graphtv.kevinformatics.com, but with more R, more trakt.tv, and such and such.


This is a shiny version of a bunch of experiments with the API in R.
It is highly experimental, early in development and pretty much broken… ish.
If you want to look at it or help out, the source is available on GitHub.

You may already know/knew grapthv, which does/did a much smoother job of displaying tv show ratings,
but its functionality is fairly basic, and I intend to exceed it with this project.
Besides, I prefer trakt over IMDb for tv show data, even if trakt doesn't nearly have the userbase of IMDb.
It's a familiarity thing. Also, trakt has a public API

Soo… Even if I'll never reach the smoothness/speed of graphtv,
I can at least try do some other interesting stuff with the data.
At least I hope so.
We'll see.




And directly or indirectly pretty much everything RStudio or Hadley Wickham ever released.